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What an adventure!

Don, Harry, and I took off from Watsonville, CA and flew single props along the California coast through San Francisco Bay, around Alcatraz, under the Golden Gate and into Ukiah Municipal airport. The weather was poor with light rain and low ceilings.

Don wasn’t paying attention and collided with my aircraft, which forced FS Passengers to get mad at me. He owes me a new plane.

Halfway through our flight, George popped in and somehow beat us to a landing.

Coming into Ukiah proved difficult with 500′ ceilings and mountain tops at 6000′. VFR was impossible and IFR was scary. Luckily, the Sectionals proved accurate and we were able to land safely in Ukiah, nestled securely between two mountain ranges.

It was certainly a fun flight. I hope to do it again, and maybe get some more friends to fly along with us!

This weeks controlled airports are KSJC (San Jose, CA) and KPDX (Portland, OR). A flight between these airports is an estimated 500 NM.

Be sure to listen to the ATIS recordings.

For a fun approach into San Jose, try to land a 737 (or larger) on visual 11/29. It’s a shorter runway, and is sure to be a white-knuckle approach.

Deze week gecontroleerde luchthavens zijn KSJC (San Jose, CA) en KPDX (Portland, OR). Een vlucht tussen deze luchthavens is naar schatting 500 NM.

Zorg ervoor dat u luisteren naar de ATIS-opnamen.

Voor een leuke benadering in San Jose, probeer dan een 737 (of groter) landen op visuele 11/29. Het is een kortere baan, en is zeker een witte knokkels aanpak.

A very fun session. 7 arrivals into KSJC, 2 arrivals into KPDX. Planes were taking off and landing with no problems. Loads of fun. Thanks to all!