I love my PMDG 737. I’ve been flying it for over a year, and feel I have a good command of it. I’m by no means an expert, but I can get from point A to point B without killing everyone on board.

After my computer problems were resolved, I fired up FS9 and made a familiar flight in my favorite PMDG. I had done everything correctly, but my plane wasn’t following the flight path as set on the FMC. In fact, it was crabbing at a 45 degree angle for the entire duration of the trip. I ended up flying the approach manually, restarted my computer, and tried again. Same problem.

I’m not sure what started this issue, but an hours worth of searching the internet lead me to the Flight1 Registry Repair Tool, located here. As of this writing, it’s the fourth option on the page.

I ran the tool WHILE FLYING in the PMDG and the problem was solved instantly.

Weird problem. Fast fix.