February 5, 2013 butterfly Updates

We had a successful release of five Painted Lady Butterflies. The Botanical Gardens were very nice to let us release them in their butterfly habitat and we hope to start the adventure all over again very soon.


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Botanical Gardens

January 26, 2013 butterfly Updates

Mom had a great idea for a release location and asked me to call our local Botanical Garden as they have a butterfly habitat. They were thrilled with the idea and offered half price admission since we are contributing to the Gardens. Sam is happy that her butterflies will be living a full butterfly life […]


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And Here We Go!

January 12, 2013 butterfly Updates

Today, the larvae arrived and it appears that 4 of the 5 larvae survived the trip. They arrived in a little cup surrounded by bubble wrap and shipped in a bubble mailer. Instructions say to leave the larvae in the upright cup, sealed, and in a room temperature location away from sudden temperature changes. A […]


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