January 25, 2013 butterfly Updates

Our caterpillar have turned into Chrysalis and are now securely in the Butterfly Habitat. We anxiously await their arrival.

Transferring them into the habitat was an interesting experience. The instructions had us remove the lid from the plastic container and peel back the film along the top of the plastic. The film didn’t seem to hold up, and the chrysalis were  hanging on to the webbing the caterpillars spread throughout the container. Still, we were able to transfer them safely and secured them to the wall of the Habitat with a safety pin. I found it easier to punch the pin through the habitat first and then go back to peel the film off the container.

A few of the Chrysalis were shaking during transfer as their defense mechanism to ward off predators. Neat to watch.

Sam has picked out the orange she wants to slice up for them. We have placed the Habitat in her bedroom where it won’t be disturbed.


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